stream up

2017-03-13 16:04:05 by Aleque

casual stream up  #toonboom #animate #animation #creative #drawing #illustration #stream #twitch #twitchcreative

Stream is Live

2017-03-08 11:05:24 by Aleque

Casual Stream Today, Leavers 4  #animation #creative #drawing #dota2 #illustration #stream #twitch #twitchcreative 866632_148898911163_aleq_evil.png

Animating "Dota 2 Leavers" | "Дота 2 Ливерс" мульт | New Cartoon Series | #animation #creative #drawing #dota2 #illustration #stream #twitch


Streaming now

2017-02-17 12:03:55 by Aleque

Stream is up: Animating "Dota 2 Leavers" | "Дота 2 Ливерс" мульт | New Cartoon Series about eSports #animation #creative #drawing #dota2 #stream #twitch

Streaming soon!

2017-02-10 10:13:14 by Aleque

Hi guys, I'm making "Dota 2 Leavers" Animation | New Cartoon Series about eSports.


Streaming soon! (1-2 hours from now) 

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   @71 oscer191

Hi guys

I am finally streaming on Twitch!

Watch the step-by-step workflow process of the new animation series about eSports ("Dota 2 Leavers") featuring luck.dick and Co.

I am planning to stream almost every day around 4-5 pm (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

Join us - it will be fun!




2008-08-10 18:59:43 by Aleque


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